Frequently Asked Questions

What is initiative 71?

I-71 is a voter approved ballot initiative in favor of legalizing the recreational use of cannabis. For more information, please visit

Is cannabis legal in DC?

The gifting of cannabis products is legal, however, the purchase and sale of those products is not yet legal. See details about I-71 above.

​What is your delivery radius?

25th st - 25th st all quadrants W st nw/ne - V st sw/se

Do you deliver to Georgetown?

No, the closest pickup spot is near Trader Joes at 1101 25th street NW

Do you have a delivery/pickup fee?

Not within our normal range, but a 10$ fee will apply to any deliveries/pickups that occur outside of this range

How can I see the full list of products?

Visit our sticker shop at

How do I gain access to the promo codes?

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